Press Releases

24 April 2009UN agencies mark the 23rd anniversary of the Chernobyl accident with launch of the International Chernobyl Research and Information Network (ICRIN) programme
18 September 2008Maria Sharapova launches programme of scholarships for youth from Chernobyl-affected areas in Belarus
25 April 2008UN Action Plan Prepared for Chernobyl Decade
25 April 2008During decade of recovery, sustainable development for Chernobyl-affected regions, UN would back all efforts for full renewal, Secretary-General says (SG/SM/11530)
30 January 2008Japan provides 1.5 mln US Dollars for a project in Belarus
26 April 2007Ban Ki-moon and Maria Sharapova commemorate Chernobyl tragedy
14 February 2007Maria Sharapova is appointed UNDP Goodwill Ambassador
26 April 2004UN will ensure needs of those traumatized by Chernobyl nuclear disaster will not be forgotten, says Secretary-General (SG/SM/9272)
26 April 2004 Chernobyl: Needs Remain Great 18 Years After Nuclear Accident (IHA/896)
28 April 2003Tragic legacy of Chernobyl will remain for generations to come, says Secretary-General on anniversary of nuclear plant accident (SG/SM/8677)
25 June 2002"We must never forget" Chernobyl tragedy's human dimension, says Secretary-General at the launch of web site on catastrophe's long-term consequences (SG/SM/8287)
Remarks by Under-Secretary-General Kenzo Oshima, United Nations Coordinator of International Cooperation on Chernobyl, at the launch of the new website
6 February 2002UN report says Chernobyl disaster still hurting millions (DEV/2373)
27 April 2001Deputy Secretary-General calls for greater assistance for Chernobyl victims (DSG/SM/132)
25 April 2001Secretary-General calls for greater assistance for Chernobyl victims (SG/SM/7778)
18 April 2001Secretary-General, in message to Kiev conference on Chernobyl disaster, says solidarity, transparency needed to cope with industrial accidents (SG/SM/7771)
12 December 2000Secretary-General, welcoming imminent closure of Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant, calls for international assistance to mitigate disaster's long-term impact (SG/SM/7660)
9 June 2000Secretary-General says those already suffering from Chernobyl disaster must not be forgotten (SG/SM/7441)
6 June 2000UNSCEAR Focuses on Chernobyl Accident in General Assembly Report (UNIS/UNSCEAR/1)
16 November 1999Quadripartite Coordination Committee on Chernobyl to meet at ministerial level at Headquarters on 18 November 1999 (IHA/689)
1 May 1998Press conference on funding to address effects of Chernobyl disaster
24 April 1998Assembly President calls for United Nations continued involvement in tackling consequences of Chernobyl accident(GA/SM/37)
26 March 1998United Nations Women's Guild sponsors Chernobyl children's visit to the United States (HQ/583)
24 March 1998Meeting of donors on assistance to areas affected by Chernobyl disaster to be held on Thursday in Geneva (IHA/654)
24 November 1997Programme to assist areas affected by Chernobyl disaster to be launched tomorrow at a special meeting (IHA/639)
20 May 1997Seminar on assistance to victims of technological disasters "Chernobyl and beyond" to be held at Moscow, 27-28 May (IHA/630)
26 April 1996States affected by Chernobyl accident need real support, tangible results says General Assembly President at commemorative meeting (GA/9071)
17 April 1996International Chernobyl conference concludes in Vienna (IAEA/1301)
10 April 1996On 'sombre' anniversary of Chernobyl, impact still not fully understood, says Secretary-General in message to international conference (SG/SM/5952)
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