20th Anniversary

28 April 2006 – Special commemorative session of the UN General Assembly devoted to Chernobyl - statement by UNDP Administrator Kemal Derviş

26 April 2006 – Statement attributable to the spokesperson for the Secretary-General on the 20th Anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster

26 April 2006 – UN marks Chernobyl anniversary with a message of hope, fresh initiatives to help revitalize affected communities

24 April 2006 – Chernobyl recovery is possible, says UN Assistant Secretary-General

24 April 2006 – Statement by UN Assistant Secretary-General Kalman Mizsei at 20 Years after Chernobyl conference in Kyiv

19 April 2006 – UNDP and Chernobyl: Questions & Answers

19 April 2006 – Ad Melkert, UNDP Associate Administrator, gives message of solidarity on Chernobyl, expresses hope for the future

19 April 2006 – Statement by Ad Melkert, UNDP Associate Administrator,at 20 Years after Chernobyl conference in Minsk

18 April 2006 – Chernobyl's myths and misconceptions – article by Kalman Mizsei and Louisa Vinton

9 November 2005 – Helping Chernobyl survivors face the future – UNDP article about regional conference in Chernihiv, Ukraine

6 September 2005 – Fear, not radiation, the sad legacy of Chernobyl – UNDP article highlighting findings of the Chernobyl Forum

6 September 2005 – Chernobyl Forum opening statement by Kalman Mizsei, UN Assistant Secretary-General

List of the 20th Anniversary commemoration activities

Anniversary page on the UN in Belarus website

Anniversary page on the UN in Ukraine website

Anniversary page on the International Atomic Energy Agency website

World Health Organization press release on the 20th Anniversary

World Bank press release on the 20th Anniversary

UN Volunteers drive recovery of Chernobyl-affected communities – article about UN Volunteers' contribution to Chernobyl recovery efforts

UNDP showcases forward-looking solutions for Chernobyl-affected communities at international exhibition in Russia

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